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Game Protocols for Fans


  • As of September 29th, ALL fans 12 or older must show proof of FULL vaccination.
  • Under the latest Fraser East Orders from the PHO, we must conduct contact tracing with all spectators.
  • Ahead of the game, we ask that you please fill out our contact tracing forum online to avoid large lineups ahead of the game.  When entering the Coliseum, please show the confirmation email that you will receive upon completing the forum. A Digital or printed version of the confirmation email is fine.
  • Paper contact tracing will be available for those who cannot complete the online forum.
  • Season ticket holders are asked to use the season ticket entrance for contact tracing and proof of vaccination check.
  • Accessible doors will still be open for those who need access.
  • We recommend that fans arrive early to allow time for contact tracing and vaccine checks.
  • You must provide the Vaccine Passport along with a photo ID. Security will be checking passports and IDs at the main entrance before fans enter Chilliwack Coliseum. Please have this ready to help with wait times.
  • Fans will be required to wear a face mask at ALL times unless eating food or drinking a beverage. Fan(s) who are unwilling to follow the mask protocols will be asked to leave the building.
  • Fans will be assigned a seat for the game, and there will be NO standing tickets at this time. (there may be designated standing seats available)

Thank you for your cooperation.



This includes information directly from the Order of the Provincial Health Officer and B.C.
Government that relate to the BC Hockey League. By order of the Provincial Health Officer, “indoor ticketed
sporting events” and “organized indoor group recreational activities” must check for customers’ proof of
vaccination starting on September 13, 2021, in addition to mandatory face coverings.


When will the BC Vaccine Card be in place?
Businesses will be required to ask for proof of vaccination effective September 13, 2021. From September 13,
2021, to September 26, 2021, people will also be able to use the vaccination records they got at B.C. vaccine
clinics or pharmacies as valid proof of vaccination. Starting September 27, 2021, only the BC Vaccine Card,
printed or digital, will be accepted for people vaccinated in B.C.

What are the details around vaccination timing?
Starting September 29th, 2021, fans must be fully vaccinated with two doses of COVID-19 vaccine when in the Fraser East Health Region.

How long will the BC Vaccine Card be in place for?
The BC Vaccine Card requirement is in place until January 31, 2022, and could be extended. We know the
best way to put the pandemic behind us is through vaccination. Vaccines are safe, effective and allow us to
return to doing the things we love.

How does a business confirm a customer’s proof of vaccination?
There are two ways for businesses to confirm proof of vaccination:
1. Visually – verify the person’s BC Vaccine Card presented on paper or on a person’s phone.
2. QR Code – the business uses the BC Vaccine Verifier app to scan the QR code included on the BC
Vaccine Card on the person’s phone or paper BC Vaccine Card.
There are three results for vaccination proof: vaccinated, partially vaccinated or no record found. For a visual
reference of each result, visit: Whichever way the customer chooses
to present their BC Vaccine Card is up to them, but they must also show a piece of government issued photo
identification. Identification is only required for persons aged 19 years and older.
A business may choose whether to visually verify or to scan the QR code. The BC Vaccine Verifier app does
not save any information. A business cannot record a customer’s vaccine status without their explicit

Do I have to check a regular customer’s proof of vaccine every time they come in – even if they are
coming and going?
Every time a customer comes into a location, proof of vaccination must be confirmed.

Who is required to show proof of vaccination?
The requirement to show proof of vaccination applies to all people 12+. This applies in all geographic regions
of B.C., to all people 12+ in B.C., including visitors. Businesses should not request to see an employee’s proof
of vaccination as part of the BC Vaccine Card program unless the employee is attending as a customer.
Businesses or institutions may choose to adopt their own vaccination policies for their employees but would
be responsible for doing their own due diligence.

What types of identification are accepted?
Government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, BC Services Card, or a passport is required
for people 19 years and older. Youth 12 to 18 do not have to show identification – just proof of vaccination.

What proof of vaccine will be required for people from out of province?
If a person has proof of vaccination from another province, they can use it in place of a BC Vaccine Card.
People from other Canadian provinces or territories must show:
1. Provincially/territorially officially recognized vaccine record.
2. Valid government photo identification.
International visitors must show:
1. Proof of vaccination they used to enter Canada (ArriveCAN).
2. Valid Passport.
9. When will the BC Vaccine Verifier app be ready to download and where can I get it from?
The BC Vaccine Verifier app will be ready to download by September 13, 2021. A business can download the
application from the Google Play Store or Apple App store. Here are the steps for a business that chooses to
scan customers’ QR codes using the BC Vaccine Verifier app:
Step 1 – Download the BC Vaccine Card Verifier application from Google Play Store or Apple App
store and enable camera access.
Step 2 – Scan the customer’s paper or digital copy of the BC Vaccine Card QR code.
Step 3 – Check proof of vaccine and validate name with government issued photo identification if

Are there medical exemptions for people who are not vaccinated?
These are very difficult decisions made by public health. Dr. Henry has said that if you are unvaccinated, for
whatever reason, these kind of indoor settings with lots of people are high risk right now.

Only their name and proof of vaccination is included on the BC Vaccine Card or attached to the QR code. There is no other personal health information included on the BC Vaccine Card. A business can let their customer know that the BC Vaccine Verifier app does not save any information. All a business will see on the
digital BC Vaccine Card is the customer’s name, and whether they are fully or partially vaccinated for COVID19 or have no record available. A business cannot record a customer’s vaccine status without their explicit consent.

How will you enforce businesses’ compliance with the order?
Fines can be issued for violations of the Gatherings and Events and Food and Liquor Serving Premises orders.
Depending on the violation, the fine amount for individuals is $230 or $575, and $2,300 for event organizers
or owners/operators of locations.
Violation tickets can be issued by:
o Police officers
o Community safety unit
o Liquor and cannabis inspectors
o Gaming investigators
o Conservation officers


What constitutes as a “face covering”?
A face covering means either of the following that covers the nose and mouth of a person:
(a) a medical or non-medical mask;
(b) a tightly woven fabric;
but does not include a small or large clear plastic face shield

Are BCHL facilities included in the Order?
Yes, we expect all team staff, players and spectators to fully comply with the PHO Order as written, which
defines “sport facilities” as requiring face coverings.

Are there exemptions from the Order?
The Order does not apply as follows:
• to visitor who is less than 12 years of age;
• to a visitor who is unable to put on or remove a mask without the assistance of another person;
• while the visitor is consuming food or drink at a location designated for those purposes by the
operator of the indoor public space,
• while the visitor is participating in exercise activity or sport at a fitness facility or sport facility;

Can operators put additional requirements and protocols in place?
Nothing in this order prevents an operator from having additional requirements in relation to face coverings.

When does the Face Coverings Order expire?
This Order is set to expire at midnight on October 31st, 2021


What is the maximum capacity for our game nights?
Subject to further direction from the PHO posted on their website, no more than 50 persons, or 50% of the
seated operating capacity of the place, excluding event staff, whichever number is greater, are present.
Access to the event must be controlled.

Are there any rules for the seating of spectators?
There must be seating available for each participant, and each participant is assigned to a seat or a table.
Participants are seated throughout the place in such a way as to use all available space. Participants stay in the seat to which they are assigned, and do not move from seat to seat.

What are the rules once the spectators have been seated?
Participants at an event remain seated, unless movement, such as getting up to speak at a meeting, or to
read, is necessary for the purpose of the event, or in order to
a. be served at a serving counter, obtain a meal or snack in a take-away container, or use a self- serve
food or drink station,
b. use washroom facilities,
c. provide assistance to another person who requires care or first aid, or
d. leave or return to the place.

What precautions need to take place if there are food and/or beverage concessions/stations?
If there is a food or drink station,
a. hand washing facilities or alcohol-based sanitizers are within easy reach of the station;
b. signs reminding participants to wash or sanitize their hands before touching self-serve food, drink
or other items, are posted at the self-serve station; and
c. high touch surfaces at the station, and utensils that are used for self- serve, are frequently cleaned
and sanitized.

Are there any additional sanitary measures that must take place?
Hand sanitation supplies are readily available to participants. Toilet facilities with running water, soap and
paper towels for hand washing and drying purposes or hand sanitation supplies are available for participants.