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BCHL Rebrands Streaming Broadcasts to BCHL TV

BURNABY, B.C. – The BC Hockey League (BCHL) announced today that they have rebranded their online streaming broadcasts to BCHL TV.

The league has launched a new website – – specifically tailored to BCHL fans, where viewers can browse the league’s schedule, go directly to a specific team’s upcoming games or view recent archives.

BCHL games will remain on the HockeyTV platform, but with a different look and feel with BCHL TV branding.

“With BCHL TV, our fans can expect an experience that reflects their interest in their team,” said BCHL Commissioner Chris Hebb. “We’ve created a front door for them to go directly to BCHL games as easily as possible.”

“We are a league that has built its own brand over the years, so we want to use that to make sure our fans feel at home when they’re tuning into a BCHL TV broadcast.”

Every BCHL preseason, regular season and playoff game will stream live on BCHL TV, starting with this weekend’s schedule of exhibition games.

Beyond the new website, fans can also expect to see further BCHL TV branding and promotions within the broadcast and on the league and team homepage on HockeyTV.

Since BCHL TV remains a part of the HockeyTV platform, all previously purchased subscriptions remain valid and give fans complete access to BCHL TV games as well as all other leagues on the platform.

For new subscribers, the league is running a promotion to receive $70 off an all-access season pass, using the discount code BCHLTV20.

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